Tick Free-Organic Insect Control is now available in a 36oz Tip & Measure bottle. Makes 300 gallons.
Bed Bug Free is available in this 32oz Tip & Measure  bottle. This 32oz bottle makes 64 gallon of ready to use product.
Mosquito Free Insecticide. This 36 oz bottle makes 300 gallons of ready to use  product.
Tick Free - Organic Insect Control. Click for more information. Garden Girls Repellents has been producing all natural and organic products since 2008. Deer Free - Summer Armor. Click for more information.
Deer Free - Winter Armor. Click for more information
Bed Bug Free- click logo for more information.
Mosquito Free-  click logo for more information. Roach Free- click logo for more information.

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At Garden Girls Repellents we are committed to producing natural and organic products for the professionals who work in the commercial pesticide spray industry and have done so since 2008.

You will not find these products in the big “box stores” which allows you to offer your customers professional products by you - the professional service provider. Stop settling for chemicals when you can offer natural and organic products that work. All GGR products are produced right here in the USA.

Click on the logos or bottles to view the professional product of your interest. Product labels are available on each of the products page. The new SDS sheets are available upon request. 

Our products Bed Bug Free & Roach Free have been tested by B.H. Stangel, Inc. for efficacy and are currently being used by B.H. Stangel, Inc. and its’ Affiliates. They can be contacted for validation. Click here for read the actual documentation. Other testimonials are available on the product page. 

Many of our professional products are available through SiteOne Landscape Supply and Shemin Nurseries. We are now expanding to international communities. If you have any questions on purchasing or  technical questions on usage of product please do not hesitate to contact us. We will put you in touch with the correct person to get the answers you need.

Check your local state agency for regulations concerning pesticide applications. Applicators are responsible for maintaining possible licensing and certification requirements.

Garden Girls Repellents LLC is a proud supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project.

Disclaimer: Garden Girls Repellents LLC does not provide ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs or any insects for testing purposes and takes no responsibility in declaring the exact time frame that the insect will be eliminated. Our research has shown some insects to be eliminated with in minutes while others will be eliminated within 24hrs depending on insect, infestation and saturation. Our products are designed to significantly reduce pest activity, minimize tick & mosquito populations and eliminate bed bug and roach populations with proper use. Garden Girls Repellents LLC is not responsible for past, present, or future out breaks of any tick or insect born disease or sickness that you, your family or animals may encounter.

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Deer Free Summer Armor 2.5 Gallon Concentrate
Deer Free Winter Armor 2.5 Gallon Concentrate.
Roach Free is available in this 32oz Tip & Measure bottle. 32oz makes 64 gallons of ready to use product.
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